Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shakira wins!

December 5, 2010
On this fine Saturday at 9:30 in the evening, (wow this sounds like a formal story) us college students: Anna, Emillie, Becca, Brandt, Sherece, and I decide to head to Walmart for a scavenger hunt. We have fifteen minutes to get twenty obscure items for the other teams to put away. Teams Shakira, Brecca, and Annallie head off to get their random stuff. Some of the stuff Sherece and I collected were: a giant vase, a sword found in the middle of an isle, and ice melt at the back of the warehouse. We meet back and trade carts. Shakira is crazy amazing. We find the correct spots quickly for two reasons: 1. Sherece lives at Walmart; 2. Sherece has good eyesight. We take pictures of our findings along the way and we’re having a blast doing it. We spot both Annallie and Brecca with one item left. So did we! The race is on. Shakira finds the Mexican drinks and head to the finish line. WHOO! First place, Annallie a close second, and Brecca with a sweet third.
Now what??? It’s cookie dough and He’s Not That Into You. Good movie and even better cookies, but it was somewhat soiled from the couch that smells like...combine a rabid badger rolled in poo and you can almost smell it. Anywho, after the movie we head back upstairs at 3:00 and I realize my camera is in Becca’s car. I put on my boots and coats and head out into the creepy fog to get it. On my way back a dude emerges from the thick fog and asks if I have a cigarette. I say no, but he continues asking if I smoke weed too. I told him I don’t do that either and his response was, “ Well if you want any of that (mom approved) chronic ape caca you let me know.” not to go outside at three in the morning anyway.
It gets better. I am locked out of the building with no phone. I couldn’t help but laugh. I decide I can just throw snowballs at windows until someone comes out. So I pick up my first snowball and a kind Indian man exits my building. I scream out, “WAIT.” He holds open the door and I am back home.
Well that was my night.
Love Kira 

Friday, October 22, 2010

It Has Been A Long Time!

I forgot what  has happened since my last post so I will just go back to fall break.
Sherece and I started the trip off with a broken window. The heater was on full blast, but my shoulder was freezing=weird sensation. We arrived late that night at her moms in Redmond. We were welcomed with the biggest cookie ever. (5 inches deep pan) :] Sherece, her dog (Sillvia), and I slept in their camper. We woke up and played with Zeus, (cutest puppy) then we rode horses....well I attempted to. Patches was cooperative, but my legs weren't. Her mom was laughing hysterically. Four wheeling was next and we splashed through mud puddles and too steep hills.
Everyday we would drive through at least 5 towns. That gives you an idea of the definition of "the middle of nowhere." I memorized them: Redmond, Salina, Aurora, Sigurd, Richfield.  Then we went and "dragged main." This consists of the teenagers driving up and down main street for hours!!! Sounds super fun, uhh? Well it was because I got to drive in a black, pimped out '79 Impala. AHHH! That was the highlight. Later in the camper, I slept with Zeus and was horrified while watching The Strangers and The Poltergeist.
Next day we hung with her siblings: Conner, Shaniah, and Abbi. We took in her car and got the window fixed. Sherece, Conner, and I went to a corn maze. The best part was Sherece just squatting and taking a pee in the stalks. We turn the corner and see a port-a-potty. We had a blast at her parents.
My house was the final stop on the road trip. We drove go-carts, watched a 4-D movie, went into the batting cages and laughed.  (CORNY) Jacob had gotten his appendix out and Sherece and I visited him in the hospital. Manda had a fake seizure on the ground. Emma wrote a funny joke on the white board, and Jen broke Sam's leg.... I KNOW RIGHT!! Next day was the primary program. FAVORITE sacrament meeting EVER!! I love the kids that yell. Anywho....
Then we came home to Logan.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Third week of school!
Last week MacKenzie, Becca, Sherece and I went to a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus concert. We made red glitter t-shirts and it got everywhere. A day later the entire floor got a flyer with 10 commandments and #5 is: Thou shalt not use GLITTER! The concert was crazy! Guys were pushing girls, people were crowd surfing and falling on top of everyone, our group was being stalked by a creepo, Sherece got the opening bands lead singers number, we couldn't breathe and we loved it.
Sorry I'm jumping around. One day Becca was saying stuff she liked about us. Skadi is pretty, Catherine is smart, Sherece is tall, she's....Kira! I laughed my head off.
Classes are hectic. My favorite is sign language and I am glad I found something I love to do so fast! I am in the swing of things and enjoy school.
We went to a football game, an amazing fireside with Elder Scott (broadcast),  had a speed-pizza eating contest and have enjoyed the sunshine-one-second-then-rain-the-next weather.
Love Kira

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, it's been a while...I like most of my classes :) I'm taking English, jog/walk, sign language, and two other hearing development classes. My sign language professors name is Curt Radford and he is Deaf and I love the environment. In jog/walk (I love the slash) I was told to run half a mile...that didn't work out too well! We had a movie night with the entire school. All the students gathered on Old Main Hill and watched Iron Man 2. It was freezing. The girls on my floor are all amazing! I hang with Catherine, Skadi, Sherece, Becca, MacKenzie, Sherry, and Michelle. I already hate homework! So much has happened, but I can't remember it all! Love Kira

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy day...

'Extreme' day
Michelle and I woke up at ten, thinking church was at one. I thought, "Great we have three hours to explore." We went the the Junction (where meals are) and we barely missed breakfast. It was closed until noon. We were hungry! So we waited around in the heat playing SMURF. Then...LUNCHTIME! For lunch we had tater-tots and orange chicken. I drowned my tots in ketchup! Bonus, there is free Dr. Pepper all the time, but I'm resisting. We started walking to church and a mass exodus occurred. Yeah we missed church. It started at we went to the  creepy basement played pool, and watched a movie. Fun times!
The extreme part was the weather. In the morning it was 92 degrees, later in the evening it was thunder and  rain. I LOVE IT HERE!
More on Michelle Poulson: She was born in Samoa, then adopted and has lived in Farmington UT ever since. She has two older brothers and a sister and two cats. We both love Psych. That's it....
Enjoy Orem!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Day

Hello from Logan!
I moved all my junk into the 20' x 15' room. IT'S AWESOME! My entire family helped and only Jen cried. I was expecting a few more tears, but it's cool mom.
My roommate is Michelle Poulson. She's a brown version of me and I love her already...too much? Psych (the TV show) is our passion. "Gus, don't be a rabid porcupine."
I can't believe the day has come! COLLEGE is here!
Oh the smell of cows :)
Enjoy my first, short post.