Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shakira wins!

December 5, 2010
On this fine Saturday at 9:30 in the evening, (wow this sounds like a formal story) us college students: Anna, Emillie, Becca, Brandt, Sherece, and I decide to head to Walmart for a scavenger hunt. We have fifteen minutes to get twenty obscure items for the other teams to put away. Teams Shakira, Brecca, and Annallie head off to get their random stuff. Some of the stuff Sherece and I collected were: a giant vase, a sword found in the middle of an isle, and ice melt at the back of the warehouse. We meet back and trade carts. Shakira is crazy amazing. We find the correct spots quickly for two reasons: 1. Sherece lives at Walmart; 2. Sherece has good eyesight. We take pictures of our findings along the way and we’re having a blast doing it. We spot both Annallie and Brecca with one item left. So did we! The race is on. Shakira finds the Mexican drinks and head to the finish line. WHOO! First place, Annallie a close second, and Brecca with a sweet third.
Now what??? It’s cookie dough and He’s Not That Into You. Good movie and even better cookies, but it was somewhat soiled from the couch that smells like...combine a rabid badger rolled in poo and you can almost smell it. Anywho, after the movie we head back upstairs at 3:00 and I realize my camera is in Becca’s car. I put on my boots and coats and head out into the creepy fog to get it. On my way back a dude emerges from the thick fog and asks if I have a cigarette. I say no, but he continues asking if I smoke weed too. I told him I don’t do that either and his response was, “ Well if you want any of that (mom approved) chronic ape caca you let me know.” not to go outside at three in the morning anyway.
It gets better. I am locked out of the building with no phone. I couldn’t help but laugh. I decide I can just throw snowballs at windows until someone comes out. So I pick up my first snowball and a kind Indian man exits my building. I scream out, “WAIT.” He holds open the door and I am back home.
Well that was my night.
Love Kira 

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